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Wrought Iron Doll's House <br/>Unmounted Clear Stamp Set

Wrought Iron Doll's House
Unmounted Clear Stamp Set



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This set contains eleven unmounted clear stamps:

  • Large Tree: 70mm x 45mm
  • Small Tree: 48mm x 30mm
  • Mirror: 40mm x 32mm
  • Chandelier: 30mm x 24mm
  • Kite: 33mm x 18mm
  • Chaise Longue: 34mm x 56mm
  • Tailor's Dummy: 60mm x 24mm
  • Table: 24mm x 37mm
  • Dog: 20mm x 35mm
  • Chair: 40mm x 30mm
  • Bench: 32mm x 58mm

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