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Stencil Clematis (33313)

Stencil Clematis (33313)



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Using the stencils, the stencil pastels basic colours (21460), pastel colours (21461) and your fingers you can easily create a wonderful picture. The stencil pastel is applied to the edges of a stencil and subsequently rubbed into the opening of the stencil using your fingers. Using the stencil clematis you can create a single clematis or the plant itself with multiple flowers. You can vary endlessly with colour because the clematis is found in many different colours. Use the decorative border for a beautiful frame of your stencilling. This can both be embossed and stencilled. It's also possible to paint using the stencil pastels. The 4 numbered examples show you exactly how to place stencil for the desired picture. The self-adhesive backside ensure the stencil can't shift during the rubbing. Every package contains clear instructions and 1 stencil of the size 20 x 10,5 cm indicating the parts of the clematis.

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