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Merry Christmas Sentiments
Unmounted Clear Stamp Set



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This set contains one unmounted 'Merry Christmas' stamp and one cuttable strip of ten unmounted clear stamps:

   •  Merry Christmas:  58mm x 113mm
   •  And A:  6mm x 19mm
   •  Happy:  6mm x 17mm
   •  Healthy:  6mm x 27mm
   •  Prosperous:  6mm x 38mm
   •  Joyous:  6mm x 24mm
   •  Exciting:  6mm x 29mm
   •  Successful:  6mm x 38mm
   •  Brilliant:  6mm x 33mm
   •  Superb:  6mm x 22mm
   •  New Year:  6mm x 31mm

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