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Letterbox + MASK <br/>Unmounted Clear Stamp Set + FREE Mini Mounts!

Letterbox + MASK
Unmounted Clear Stamp Set + FREE Mini Mounts!



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This set contains four strips of unmounted clear stamps, four separate unmounted clear stamps, one A5 sheet of masks for the box stamps and one pack of eight mini mounts (35mm x 45mm): 

   •  Upper Case Letters:  Between 10mm x 13mm & 8mm x 11mm
   •  Lower Case Letters:  Between 8mm x 14mm & 4mm x 12mm
   •  3 Squares:  23mm x 51mm
   •  2 Squares:  21mm x 35mm
   •  1 Outline Square:  17mm x 17mm
   •  1 Solid Square:  17mm x 17mm

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