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Jayne Nestorenko's Winter Scenes Collection
Unmounted Clear Stamp Sets



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This collection contains three sets of unmounted clear stamps:


Winter Scene - Cat:

This set contains nine unmounted clear stamps:

  • Cottage Scene: 70mm x 154mm
  • Large Tree: 67mm x 42mm
  • Small Tree 1: 35mm x 20mm
  • Small Tree 2: 33mm x 22mm
  • Cat: 23mm x 22mm
  • Bird 1: 10mm x 12mm
  • Bird 2: 10mm x 8mm
  • Bird 3: 9mm x 10mm
  • Flock of Birds: 12mm x 19mm


Winter Scene - Sled:  

This set contains six unmounted clear stamps:

  • Snowman Scene: 67mm x 156mm
  • Sled: 40mm x 75mm
  • Robin: 24mm x 20mm
  • Glove: 27mm x 18mm
  • Letter: 19mm x 27mm
  • Hat: 27mm x 23mm


Winter Scene - Children: 

This set contains five unmounted clear stamps:

  • Gate & Hedgerow: 60mm x 170mm
  • Girl: 75mm x 41mm
  • Boy: 58mm x 48mm
  • Snowman: 45mm x 70mm
  • Robin: 16mm x 12mm

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