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Groovi® Storage Bundle (Save £5.98!)

Groovi® Storage Bundle (Save £5.98!)



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The Groovi® Traveller is ideal for taking your Groovi® plates and accessories with you when you're out and about. The Traveller contains four handy pouches for Groovi® Plate storage (two A5 Groovi® Plates and one A4 Groovi® Border Plate will fit into each pouch) along with four extra pouches for storing Groovi® accessories, including Groovi® Parchment Paper, the Groovi® Craft Mat and a Groovi® Plate Mate.

The Groovi® Album is a handy and convenient way of storing your favourite Groovi® Plates. The Album contains eight durable pouches, with each pouch able to store 2 A5 square Groovi® Plates and 1 A4 Border Plate.

The Groovi® Tool Bag is a handy case with a zip for storing your Groovi® embossing tools.

   •  Groovi® Album:  350mm x 270mm x 35mm
   •  Groovi® Traveller:  350mm x 270mm x 35mm
   •  Groovi® Tool Bag:  230mm x 125mm x 8mm

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