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Clarity Calendar 2018



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Clarity 2018 calendar, featuring a selection of artwork & step-by-step projects from Barbara Gray.

Our 2018 calendar has many purposes! Firstly, use it as a helpful 2018 calendar. An A3 page is dedicated to each month of the year, with a beautiful piece of Clarity artwork accompanying a full set of dates.

Secondly, you can use the detailed step-by-step instructions featured on the reverse of each page to recreate the project featured for that month! The step-by-step guides include a series of full colour photos to illustrate each step.

The twelve projects featured are as follows:

  • January: Air Element
  • February: Clear Out a Corner
  • March: Rise and Shine
  • April: Hazy Hares
  • May: Water Element
  • June: Summer Seedheads
  • July: Watersnip Down
  • August: Earth Element
  • September: Canvas Country Scene
  • October: Tick Tock, Pocket Watch
  • November: Fire Element
  • December: Winter Snow Globe

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