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Clarity Elf Hunt 2020

Christmas in 2020, for many of us, might have to be done a little differently than expected. But one tradition we can keep the same this year is our Clarity Elf Hunt.

The hunt begins again tomorrow and you'll be pleased to know there have been some new arrivals to the little elf family. So we're delighted to introduce Evie and Elfie, the elf children.

If you're new to us and perhaps don't know the rules, allow me to explain. During Advent, we ask you to hunt for our Clarity elves - this year it's Evie and Elfie - hidden with 24 different products on our website. We'll give you a new clue each day in the form of a little ditty written by Barbara, to help you figure out the hiding places of those cheeky, elf children.

As you discover each hiding place, make a note of the product you find them with that day. Once you've got all 24 products, send us an email with your entire list by December 28th to:

If you managed to get 24 correct answers, we'll put your name into a prize draw for a whopping £200 Clarity gift hamper.

The clues will be posted at 11am daily. They will appear in your inbox via email as well as on our Facebook groups, pages and the front page of the website. And don't worry if you miss any, we'll keep a library of them here.

It's the 4th of January, so, without further ado, the winner of the £200 Clarity Gift Hamper is Vicki Overton. Congratulations for correctly discovering all 24 locations the elf children were hiding in! 

The Clues and Answers

#1 We’ve picked a lovely spot to start our treasure hunt, dear friend; So peaceful here under the tree - On this you can depend!
Answer: Linda’s Hammock In the Garden Groovi Plate GRO-OB-41478

#2 It’s silky smooth between the sheets
It’s very classy stuff;
And just to make you smile today
We’re hiding in the buff!
Answer: Buff and Light Buff Paper ACC-CA-30389-A4

#3 We really ought to stop and rest
if we want to get this right;
Patience is a virtue
So let’s leave it overnight.
Answer: Pergamano 1.2mm Shader PER-TO-70003-XX

#4 We thought we saw a puddy cat
hid behind the chair;
But when we looked again
We spotted three were there!
Answer: Cats on a Comfy Chair Die ACC-DI-30962-44 

#5 Aurora Borealis
is what we say to you.
You’ll find us very easily
with such a simple clue! 
Answer: Northern Lights 12x12 Paper ACC-CA-30746-12 

#6 I know you’ll want to find us quick
No rush though - all is well.
It’s like Seville in Summer here;
There’s such a lovely smell!
Answer: Dorso Oil PER-CO-70066-XX

#7 It’s been a pretty crazy year,
We’ve wondered how to cope,
but crafting, friends and love
are things that give us hope.
Answer: Hope Framer Stamp STA-PA-10384-A5

#8 To colour and to doodle
is what we all do best
This latest set of loveliness
will put us to the test!
Answer: Poppets Postcards Christmas Set ACC-BO-31096-XX

#9 Running round in circles here,
We’re out of shape for sure!
Come and find us quickly please -
My heart can’t take much more! 
Answer: Stampboard Shapes ACC-CA-31037-XX

#10 We’re singing so you find us,
both hid behind a tree;
It’s very cold and bleak back here
for brother Elfie and me!
Answer: In The Bleak Midwinter Stamp Set STA-CH-10430-A5

#11 It starts off long and then gets short;
It’s white but also pink;
It’s soft, but then again it’s hard;
And more useful than you think!
Answer: Double-ended Eraser Pencil ACC-PE-30611-XX

#12 We’re halfway there,
You’re doing great,
So let’s not give up yet!
You’ll find us covered up and safe;
And cut to fit? You bet!
Answer: Blank Mask Material ACC-MA-30363-A5

#13 It’s good for you but then again,
too much will make you ill
A bit of that what does ya good
Much better than a pill!
Answer: Adirondak Alcohol Ink Ginger INK-AA-50304-XX

#14 It’s hot and sticky where we’re at.
The shops are nowhere near;
It’s like a massive jungle though!
We’re lost for good I fear!
Answer: Amazonia Designer Paper ACC-CA-31034-88

#15 We came across this perfect den
The spiders we do fear
There’s so much stuff in this old place
You’ll never find us here!!
Answer: Linda William's In the Garden Plate GRO-OB-41480-04

#16 Just when you thought that it was safe
to cut for television;
We shouldn’t really use these things
Without adult supervision.
Answer: Pergamano Ringlock Scissors PER-TO-70041-XX

# 17 We’re on a roll - you’re almost there!
These will keep you in your place;
You could manage fine without, I guess,
But they’re handy just in case! 
Answer: Roll of 500 Groovi Tabs GRO-AC-41186-XX

# 18 You’ve found us every day so far -
This is a piece of cake!
And now we’ve eaten way too much
We’ve both got tummy ache. 
Answer: Kitchen Stamp Set STA-HO-10302-A5

# 19 We may get messy here today
But no-one will get hurt;
We’re just kids having fun you see -
We’ll swim, shoot ink and squirt!
Answer: Squid Ink Fresco Finish Paint ACC-PA-30067-50

# 20 Now here’s a lovely place to perch!
Lots of birds are tweeting
We wonder if you’ll find us here -
it’s such a busy meeting!
Answer: Bird Row Groovi Spacer GRO-BI-41102-22

# 21 We’ve wandered off the beaten track into the forest deep
We’ve found a soft and comfy spot
to have a little sleep.
Answer: Distress Oxide Moss Green INK-DO-50408-XX

# 22 The door’s not locked, you can come in,
Feel free to take a pew;
The candle’s lit, the scene is set
We’re loving this - are you? 
Answer: Jayne's Carol Singers Groovi Plate GRO-CH-40694-04

# 23 One day at a time, one clue at a time,
We’ve made it to Christmas you see?
Now all we need is a fairy
at the top of our twinkling tree.
Answer: Linda William's Christmas Tree Groovi Plate GRO-AC-41685-XX

# 24 One more happy place to find us
Then have a sweet Christmas Eve dream;
We wish you Elf and ‘appiness
with love from the Clarity team.
Answer: SHAC Happy Stamp Set STA-WO-11010-A5 

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