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It's a real 'Flock-buster'!

With Maria Moorhouse

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails.

This week, why not flock with Maria Moorhouse as crafters together, for the launch of our brand new Birds of a Feather 3-way Overlay stamp set & stencil collection and Groovi Plates?

It promises to be a 'flock-buster' One Day Special, featuring four brand new designs. Each design comes as a 3-way Overlay set, accompanied by a matching stencil. This type of combo is a great way to enhance your designs and produce exquisitely creative mixed media effects. There are also a fabulous set of Groovi Plates that allow you to imagine these beautiful birds in parchment. Maria will be showcasing and demoing an educational and entertaining shows that seeks to inspire and enlighten.

Sound good? See you there!

Weds 19th Feb

6pm & 8pm
With Maria Moorhouse

• Four brand new designs
• 3-way Overlay stamp sets
• Matching stencils

Thurs 20th Feb

9am, 1pm & 5pm
With Maria Moorhouse

• Bird themed
• Images and sentiments
• Inspirational

Clarity Matters

Have you seen our new blog, yet? It's called Clarity Matters, and it's all to do with things that matter to Clarity. Featuring info on products, TV shows, YouTube, events and more, it's gotta be your first port of call for all things Clarity. There will also be some competitions, giveaways and chances to win Clarity goodies; so be sure to check in for your daily dose!

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