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Crafting with Clarity

With Barbara Gray & Paul Church

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails.

Saturday is the big day this week, with 3 hours of super shows. At 11am and 3pm Barbara and Paul will be kicking things off with some 3-way Overlays. Now, you might have seen these before. They are a solid, classic Clarity design. But, that doesn't mean you've got a set yourself, and that doesn't mean you've seen what Barbara and Paul will be doing with them this time. All our TV shows are different every time because we're always innovating and trying to come up with new ideas and techniques and projects to inspire. The Be Still and Listen and Earth Has Music collection of designs are truly exquisite examples of Clarity's finest, so do tune in at 11 and 3!

Well, those are the first and last hours of the day. But, nicely squeezed in the middle at 1pm is something a little bit special. If you've been following Barbara live on Facebook for the SHAC Shack doodle sessions, you may well have seen this delightful Geisha design. A few did struggle with drawing her, but you all LOVED it nevertheless. It's a stunning little design with many different pattern elements and so much possibility for creativity. Now available in stamp and Groovi, it's a design that you'll really be able to make your own.

So, why not claim that spot on the sofa right in front of the TV, and make a day of it, with Clarity on TV?

Sound good? We'll see you there!

Sat 13th June

11am & 3pm

• Classic Clarity designs
• 3-way Overlay stamps
• Nature themed

Sat 13th June


• Stamps and Groovi
• Doodles from the SHAC
• Geisha/Japan themed

Clarity Matters

Have you seen our new blog, yet? It's called Clarity Matters, and it's all to do with things that matter to Clarity. Featuring info on products, TV shows, YouTube, events and more, it's gotta be your first port of call for all things Clarity. There will also be some competitions, giveaways and chances to win Clarity goodies; so be sure to check in for your daily dose!

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