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Floral Delights

With Tina Cox & Paul Church

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails. Tina and Paul bring Crafting with Clarity back to your screen this week, with typically resplendent shows, sure to entertain and delight. Tina and Paul will be launching our brand new Floral Delights designs. There are four blossoming A5 square Groovi Plates in the collection; each design by Tina Cox herself. Featuring the Daisies & Buttercups, Forget Me Not & Butterflies, Primrose & Alliums and the Sunflower & Birds, each Plate is a compilation of decorative design elements that work together as a whole, or as individual sections. Each Plate is framed with a fancy border pattern and filled with an abundance of flourishing floral delights.
Plus, Leonie Pujol is back for another super creative show featuring our brand new Funky designs, produced for us by artist Cherry Green. Including the Deer, Hare and Songbirds, each set features the main design element as well as a host of striking and imaginative design elements.

Thurs 26th Sept

11am & 2pm
With Tina & Paul

Starting at 11am, join Tina and Paul for the big launch of our new collection, followed by more afternoon delight at 2pm for the climax of our special day! 

Friday 27th Sept

8am & 12pm
With Leonie Pujol

From 8am this Friday you can also catch Leonie Pujol at her best. Join her in getting creative with our brand new stamp sets, designed especially for Claritystamp by artist Cherry Green!

Clarity Matters

Have you seen our new blog, yet? It's called Clarity Matters, and it's all to do with things that matter to Clarity. Featuring info on products, TV shows, YouTube, events and more, it's gotta be your first port of call for all things Clarity. There will also be some competitions, giveaways and chances to win Clarity goodies; so be sure to check in for your daily dose!

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