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The Pergamano Show

With Paul Church

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails.

You know the old saying "the way to a parcher's heart is through their Groovi Plate"?

Oh, you haven't heard that one? Hmm, perhaps I've confused it with something else. Oh well, never mind, it's true enough nonetheless and that's exactly what Paul Church has in store for you this week: brand new Groovi Plates.

And these are Groovi Plates with a bit of a twist. The It's a Wrap Folded Heart collection, as we've called it, has been designed to create a folded parchment design that has a heart shaped edge for decorating the corresponding card blank, as well as a Plate designed for decorating the accompanying card stand.

Both Plates are particularly elegant in design, with a wedding celebration theme. Each Plate is also filled with borders and patterns and other decorative design elements which can be used to create truly unique and wonderful designs. the versatility of these designs is outstanding and you'll be head over heels at the potential they possess.

Do join Paul Church at 11am and 3pm this Thursday as he demos a wonderful array of projects using the new Plates and card blanks, and enjoy the treasury of Design Team inspiration on display throughout the show.

So, for all this and more, including very special introductory prices on those stunning new products, we'll see you then!

Thursday 17th June

11am & 3pm | The Pergamano Show

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