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Pattern Samplers

With Paul Church

Hi there, everyone, thanks for clicking through from your emails.

This week on The CRAFT Store, join Paul Church for another episode of The Pergamano Show.

The purpose of The Pergamano Show is to educate as well as entertain. We like to think of it as an opportunity to feed you with little parching lessons, to help you develop as a crafter by learning top tips and techniques, and practice using your skills.

This week, Paul is launching a couple of brand new Plates designed by Josie Davidson, to help you do just that - practice your skills and develop your techniques.

The Straight and Diagonal Embossed Pattern pair, feature nine pattern squares each. One Plate has straight patterns, the other diagonal. They are there to help you practice building patterns little by little, giving you the chance to test out a a variety of pattern designs, mixing and matching and building them any way you like. These Plates also help you to slow down and focus on your embossing technique, paying attention to every dot you parch in order to hone your skill and become an expert embosser.

Why not join Paul at 11am and 3pm on The CRAFT Store (formerly HOCHANDA) for two hours of top quality crafting tuition. Oh yes, and some pretty keen introductory prices for the new Plates!

See you then!

Thursday 15th April

11 am & 3 pm The Pergamano show

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