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Mini Hobbies Stamp Sets Collection Unmounted Clear Stamp Sets

Mini Hobbies Stamp Sets Collection Unmounted Clear Stamp Sets



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This set contains eighty one unmounted clear stamps in five sets:




  • With Much Love From: 6mm x 60mm
  • Thin Paintbrush: 44mm x 3mm
  • Thick Paintbrush: 45mm x 7mm
  • Easel: 53mm x 35mm
  • Paint Tube: 26mm x 11mm
  • Paint Pallet: 17mm x 20mm
  • Leafy Flourish: 11mm x 15mm
  • Large Flourish: 18mm x 50mm
  • Small Flourish: 12mm x 15mm
  • Ink: 19mm x 19mm
  • Magnifying Glass: 38mm x 17mm
  • Quill: 39mm x 7mm
  • Scroll (Left Side): 55mm x 9mm
  • Scroll (Right Side): 55mm x 9mm
  • Torn Edge: 5mm x 62mm



Corners & Flourishes:

  • Bow Corner: 29mm x 41mm
  • Bow Corner Extension: 4mm x 30mm
  • Wrought Iron Corner: 17mm x 17mm
  • Heart Corner: 15mm x 15mm
  • Holly Corner: 18mm x 18mm
  • Diamond Trailer: 24mm x 4mm
  • Air Mail: 9mm x 29mm
  • Carte Postale: 4mm x 38mm
  • Floral Trailer: 52mm x 19mm
  • Art Nouveau Corner 1: 30mm x 13mm
  • Art Nouveau Corner 2: 30mm x 13mm
  • Made with Love by: 7mm x 32mm
  • Sent with Love from: 5mm x 36mm
  • To: From: 16mm x 10mm
  • Bow: 18mm x 19mm
  • Berry Trailer: 21mm x 4mm
  • Berry Corner: 16mm x 16mm




  • Watering Can: 33mm x 32mm
  • Cracked Pot: 21mm x 18mm
  • Plant a Garden: 12mm x 25mm
  • Wheel Barrow: 22mm x 55mm
  • I'd Rather Be Weeding: 12mm x 36mm
  • Garden Fork: 9mm x 50mm
  • Thanks Sow Much!: 4mm x 30mm
  • Trowel: 34mm x 7mm
  • Flower Pot: 18mm x 16mm
  • Gloves: 21mm x 20mm
  • Flowers: 20mm x 29mm
  • Bird 1: 15mm x 13mm
  • Bird 2: 11mm x 15mm
  • Bird 3: 13mm x 11mm
  • Bird 4: 10mm x 13mm
  • Grass: 24mm x 29mm




  • Tape Measure: 26mm x 25mm
  • Zipper: 54mm x 21mm
  • Scissors: 44mm x 22mm
  • Ribbon: 79mm x 5mm
  • Pincushion: 26mm x 23mm
  • Thimble: 13mm x 11mm
  • Sew Glad We're Friends!: 5mm x 36mm
  • Tailor's Dummy: 55mm x 17mm
  • Safety Pin: 21mm x 5mm
  • Needle & Thread: 21mm x 18mm
  • Button 1: 14mm x 14mm
  • Button 2: 15mm x 15mm
  • You Make Me Sew Happy!: 6mm x 39mm
  • Patch 1: 21mm x 21mm
  • Patch 2: 21mm x 21mm
  • Patch 3: 21mm x 21mm
  • You're Sew Special: 6mm x 28mm




  • Sugar and Spice: 7mm x 64mm
  • Jar: 21mm x 19mm
  • Bowl: 18mm x 30mm
  • Scales: 26mm x 18mm
  • Cup: 9mm x 16mm
  • Kiss The Cook: 5mm x 24mm
  • Heart: 28mm x 31mm
  • Egg: 11mm x 8mm
  • Cupcake: 17mm x 14mm
  • Spoon: 29mm x 6mm
  • Jug: 11mm x 14mm
  • Cake: 13mm x 27mm
  • Teapot: 19mm x 30mm
  • Cake Slice: 11mm x 17mm
  • Cake Stand: 24mm x 36mm
  • For My Sweet Friend: 23mm x 13mm



This bundle contains:

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