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Leonie's Good Grief Unmounted Clear Stamp Set

Leonie's Good Grief Unmounted Clear Stamp Set



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This set contains twenty three unmounted clear stamps:

  • Good. Grief: 7mm x 50mm
  • !: 8mm x 2mm
  • #whatever: 7mm x 42mm
  • Go pickle a beetroot: 6mm x 58mm
  • ?: 6mm x 3mm
  • Seriously: 5mm x 38mm
  • Pass. Me. The. Cake.: 7mm x 79mm
  • (sigh): 10mm x 27mm
  • Gin. Bucket. Gesso: 7mm x 79mm
  • Ha. Ha. Ha.: 4mm x 27mm
  • THAT definitely didn't happen for a reason!: 3mm x 87mm
  • #ohjoy: 7mm x 21mm
  • I don't think so: 4mm x 42mm
  • Today I'll mainly be asleep: 4mm x 60mm
  • You are tap dancing on my last nerve: 13mm x 65mm
  • Fiddle sticks: 5mm x 39mm
  • When you can't find the sunshine stay indoors and watch chick flicks: 10mm x 74mm
  • Shut the front door: 5mm x 66mm
  • #: 7mm x 5mm
  • Crisp butties rule: 4mm x 38mm
  • No. Just. No: 5mm x 33mm
  • The best probably happened already: 5mm x 78mm
  • The only way to do great work is to copy off of someone really clever and successful: 24mm x 54mm

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